Quality, Personality and Western culture

As I date more and more girls I’m realizing more what it is that I want in a girl and how much a role personality plays in my attraction and respect towards women. I’ll try to show it with an example of two girls I dated in Budapest in December. Both were very pretty, yet completely different in personality as well as in how our dates turned out.

The first girl was a sultry, shorter than me Romanian vampire (she had the actual look) with black hair to her midriff, nice curves and deep brown eyes. The only physical thing I’d change about this girl was her forehead, it was slightly on the bigger side. That’s a minor detail though, because I’d rate this girl as a high 7 that was an 8 maybe three years back.

I stopped her in a two set right before she crossed the pedestrian crossing on Deak Ferenc Ter towards the square with the Ferris wheel and got her out a day after New Years Eve (I believe). I took her for a tea in a cafe next to my apartment both out of laziness and the venue being a good place for a first date. During the date I was relaxed, leaned back, let her talk but steered the conversation and gave her occasionally deep eye contact, which she returned and giggled when she couldn’t handle the tension. Miss Romania told me it was nice that ‘I knew how to act’. I felt really at ease and relaxed, my movement was slow and I was interested in getting to know this girl whilst at the same time not caring too much. She might be a time waster after all -though from the set I had a feeling she wasn’t and would be a pleasant girl- so let’s just enjoy it and see what I can make out of it.

It turned out my prediction was right and that she indeed was a really sweet girl. Exactly the type that I’d like to date. This girl was kind, vibrated warm and loving energy, was feminine, had good style, took care of herself, made interesting conversation and was passionate about things other than shopping and partying. All this helped of course in me being at ease and enjoying the date. This girl went to musea, had a passion for architecture and enjoyed exploring cities to find small and cozy cafe’s. A little over half an hour in to the date I remember looking her up and down as she was draped out over the chair, tea in hand, curves showing through her clothes and thinking ‘If I’ll be old one day and want kids and a wife then this one would be a good contestant.’ which is interesting because 1) I never thought about girls that way and 2) she is of way higher quality than I’d previously be content with.

I didn’t fuck this girl for a thousand different reasons, but if I had to pinpoint one it would be because my conversation dropped when we went for a walk (which she initiated… bad leading on my side) and I couldn’t get her out a second time. Too bad, but I had a nice evening after all. Would be better if I fucked her of course, but at least she was a nice girl and I enjoyed her company.

Now for the second girl…. Oh boy did that car crash…

She was waiting outside on Vacy Utca for her friend that was buying something in a shop. Her face was so beautiful I just had to open her. It had sharp features and almost resembled an icy fox, if that makes any sense. This girl had brown hair, very light blue eyes and a pretty smile with nice, white teeth. We chatted, I found out she came from the state in which something is rotten (probably her brain) to visit friends here and explore the city. I closed and later ran in to her and her friend at the Christmas market where we shared mulled wine and more conversation. Over text (Instagram DM) Miss Denmark was quite flirty and seemed fairly keen. I got her out a couple of days later.

This is where the fun stops. We met at the Christmas Tree on the shopping street and I started leading her towards a nice bar at Goszdu whilst making normal get-to-know-you / how-was-your-day chat. Nothing special. But then she says ‘Where are we going? I already walked very far to come here.’ I ignored it and continued.

A bit later… ‘Where are you taking me?! I’m not walking further than that corner.’

I told her we would go to a nice bar just down that street, and that it wasn’t far away at all. Now at Goszdu I made a mistake. I went to a bar, but they gave us shit seating so I left to find a better bar. Everything else seemed full and I was taken back a bit by my date’s behavior. ‘Oh this looks nice.’ said she as we walked past another bar. She pointed at some couches, which looked okay so I figured it would be fine. It was not. It was a karaoke bar. I should have left then and there and again found something better, but I didn’t. My mistake. We had a cocktail each but conversation was rather hard due to Eminem singing Asians distracting my girl and their screechy voices blasting through the speakers. Her lack of femininity didn’t help either because she was giving me shit answers to my questions, asked me the same questions that I asked her and sometimes even refused to answer first.

Whilst talking I found out Miss Denmark was an actual Miss Denmark (score!), placing in the top 10 of prettiest girls in her country. You’d think there’s more to being a Miss than having a pretty face though, but I didn’t tell her that.
Through Instagram I could see her body was less than perfect and her ass was sort of plump. She probably spent too much time sitting on it instead of hitting the gym. Anyway, she may have been a 9 a couple of years ago, and her face still was an 8 now, but in total I’d give her a high 7.

However, that joy of getting a girl this hot out on a date rather soon evaporated when she started speaking about how Taylor Swift is such a talented artist -especially her guitar playing ffs- and how she really got to know Budapest by riding on a tour bus. I pinched my nose here, shook my head and sighed. I knew it was too good to be true.

I figured some walking might help the vibe so we went to a bar closer to my apartment, 5 minutes from our current location. Whilst walking she started complaining again about how I acted like I knew this city by hard (that’s what you do when you’re not ”exploring” a city on a tour bus….) and how her feet were hurting. She wasn’t even wearing heels.

Inside this bar we had more conversation, but nothing like a usual venue 2 because it was not seductive at all. Every direction I steered it in she evaded, every chance I gave her to be feminine she fucked up and every time I said something she disagreed. After 20 minutes I had enough. She made me sigh in annoyance multiple times, and when I called it out she didn’t change her behavior. Then we got talking about men and women and their sexual strategies (my mistake). I said they were different, which infuriated her. I got reactive (my mistake) and we had a discussion. Eventually I had enough of her and I felt was never going to fuck this girl, so I downed my whiskey and walked out. She blocked me before I had reached my front door.

‘That’s one woman wasted’, thought a frustrated me as I returned to the apartment. I was angry and had lost all my attraction for her. I genuinely felt sorry for her and angry at her for wasting my time and angry at myself for letting her. This girl was a proper spoiled brat, and although her face was nice, she seemed dead inside and acted way too entitled. So much potential, yet so ruined and empty. What a shame.

It left me thinking… How can I be so utterly repelled by a girl that pretty? Why is it that I even found her to not be that pretty anymore after the date? Was she a quality girl? If not, then why? What is it exactly that makes a girl of high quality and how much does personality play a role in this?

Obviously the answer is that personality plays a big role in one’s attractiveness (duhhh) and quality, but let me elaborate a bit. Both girls were very pretty, no doubt about that. Put them on my bed naked and I would barely know which to pick. But who would I call back after that for another date? Who would I want to join me for a walk in the park, a concert, going out to eat or get some ice cream with? Who would I eventually want to raise my kids? Obviously not the rotten girl.

I initially believed that female quality was mostly ascribed, but these girls really proved to me that personality truly does play a way bigger role in making me attracted to a girl than I had been aware of and that I value some traits above looks (to a certain extent). Looking back two years I had no idea what I wanted in a girl. All I knew was that the ones I liked were to be found mainly in Eastern-Europe, now I also know why and can put it in to words. I genuinely feel entitled to better women, which I think is fucking awesome. I also know now why my pre-game ex-girlfriend annoyed me so often and why we had so many arguments.

What I want in woman/girl is for her to inspire me to be a better man. I want her to have a supportive and uplifting energy. I want her to be loving and caring. I want her to offer more than just pussy. I want a beautiful girl, both on the inside and outside. I want her to have the ambition to be a good traditional mother, eventually. When a girl is truly feminine, like the Ukrainian I I-dated in The Hague, the Ukrainian from Warsaw and the Romanian described above, her company becomes a pleasure and you’ll want to have her around you. Therefore, quality i.e. high SMV is not simply looks (ascribed SMV), nor simply personality (acquired SMV). It’s both[1]. A high quality girl is both very pretty and feminine. She keeps in shape, but also knows how to dress with flare and style. She is sexy, but not slutty. She longs for a strong man, but doesn’t sleep around. She can lead herself, but lets a man lead them. She… the list goes on.

So we know what quality is now, but if we then want these type of girls who barely put out and are some of the prettiest on earth, without wifing them up (at least not now) then how the hell are we going to get them in our beds?! It’s rather contradictory, isn’t it? We want to quickly sleep with a girl who normally takes a long time to be bed and if she decides to do so it may very well only be with a potential husband, yet at the same time her chasteness is something we encourage and find attractive. To then still seduce a girl like that, one must have some proper skill, (probably) invest more than one date, have masculine value and some luck. After all, we’re basically trying to find a hack to overcome the commitment that she naturally wants.

To have few partners and want that commitment is, of course, the safer mating strategy for women. Why is it then that many Western girls nowadays (assumption, I wasn’t around ‘back then’) are not like that? Krauser once wrote that Western women are broken, and it’s making more and more sense to me. Of course their ascribed value is given and may even vary to some extent, but their acquired value component of quality is in my experience severely lacking. Why? Who knows. I think it’s because of a number of reason, mainly being

  1. our hedonistic culture: R-selected traits are encouraged. Not good for girls.
  2. weak or absent fathers: girls will now shit-test more in the hope of finding a man with boundaries. They have also never seen what a strong father figure looks like so don’t know what to look for. Boys suffer too because they lack a male role model and thus don’t know how to act. All this is rather confusing and frustrating for both sexes.
  3. social media: sex is everywhere and with TikTok, Tinder, Instagram and videoclips basically celebrating thot-behaviour this is what you will see the youth mimic. Monkey see, monkey do. Social media also causes unrealistic female entitlement and a delusional way of life which will backfire hard when their beauty fades. They don’t know how to keep a man if it’s not for pussy because they (have been made to) think that’s enough and never encountered a man who held them to higher standards.
  4. second wave feminism: ironically this is not only a very misandrist, but also a very misogynistic movement. Men are hated for their sheer existence and women are forced to do what men are supposed to be doing for the sake of empowerment, leaving both parties confused and hurt. Women are taught not to love men and men are taught to feel guilt for having masculine desires. Nothing good can come from that.

If only there was a way to stop this and make women great again…. Wouldn’t that be amazing? We could all live in a wonderful utopia where the rainbow does end in a pot of gold and everything is fine. Well, of course we can’t, biology still holds true and women will still test and look for strength. That’s why the game never ends. However, there is a way to improve the situation, or at least not let it deteriorate further, and it starts with us, men. Instead of being bitter and woeful, men should set the example for younger men (like many on the interwebz have done for me, thanks guys) and treat women the way they truly want to be treated. Just like we long for feminine women, women long for masculine men. So let us, including the youngsters, become just that. Let us raise our value. Let us be strong pillars in the currents of political correctness, emotions and entitlement. Become that and I’m sure you’ll find quality girls. There’s still plenty of it ambling down the sidewalks, you just need to know where to look (ahem Eastern Europe) and what to look for. Actually, just like there’s a supply problem in femininity, there’s also very few masculine men out there. We should see this as an opportunity to get even more girls, because scarcity creates value and value attracts. Use it to your advantage.

Now for the Danish girl, based on previous experience I think (and hope) she was just an anomaly in the usually high correlation between a pretty appearance and a personality that I enjoy. So far she has been the only one where looks were this deceiving because any other time I’ve truly enjoyed dating a girl it was a pretty and feminine one i.e. one of high quality.

To prevent dates like her to happen in the future I will screen more for quality instead of just looks and hoping to get along. After all I would rather spend my time with a girl whose company I enjoy than get a headache just to get some ass because that ‘headache’ time could be well spent on other things such as making money, reading a book, playing guitar -whatever.
Plus, it builds selfrespect because I’m not letting girls who I dislike in my life. I suggest you do too.

Hope this post wasn’t too much of an unstructured ramble.


Dutch Outlaw

[1] – Feels like I’m preaching to the choir here, like saying 1 + 1 = 2. I knew all this before, but only since some months am I realizing the importance of non-ascribed value. Thought I’d make a post of it.

Lay Report: Little Girl, Bad Boy

‘Sorry mate, have to do this one.’

And off I went.

Trusting the DNA-tug I felt when a dark blue coat with brown hair flowing over it shot past me near the crossing from Király Utca to Deak Ferenc Ter I left my wing in the cold to approach yet another girl. It was one of those sets where there is zero contemplation, zero should I or should I not, just plain conviction and as soon as I stopped her it clicked.

‘Ho stop. I think you look really cute.’

Our eyes locked. I got a beaming smile and a ‘no English’.

Fucking hell alright then, sign language it is. I was literally pointing to my chest ‘I’, to my eyes ‘see’, to her ‘you’ and giving a thumbs up to state my intentions, after which she finally got the point. I think she already got it before that through our eye contact, but she never confirmed that. She smiled and giggled and didn’t eject, so it was mine to lose the set. Her abysmal three word English and my even poorer Russian made me quickly resort to the good old Google Translate. I found out Kate (let’s call her Kate) was from Ukraine and lived here to work and would leave in six days. Despite the poor language, the set was pretty good. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of sexual tension or flakiness, but I still had a good feeling about it. I think it was her happiness to be there. We agreed to meet for a date the next day so I took her IG and walked off.

We indeed met the next day. After munching on some gulash and a thick juicy burger in Kupak bar with my wing I walked towards our meeting point. I was late, and when I didn’t see her there I felt something sink in me.. Would she really flake just like that….? Nahh can’t be, just wait it out a bit more.

Then some minutes later a small figure with brown hair comes up from behind me and stands next to me: it’s her. With a smile on her face she says ‘gHello’

‘привет’ says me. ‘Как дела?

‘Good good) Sorry I late. You here long?’

‘No, 1 minute. I was late too’



Instantly leading, I took Kate to some place at Goszdu Udvar where we sat next to each other (when communicating through phones this makes it more personal and less like a job interview) and drank a cappuccino and a white Russian. I don’t remember the conversation word for word, but I do know that it was mainly focused on comfort and quite some deep rapport already. We spoke about our families, what brought us to Budapest and our passions and interests.
One thing I do remember though is the group of fat girls stuffing their faces to temporarily still their indefatigable appetite sat a few tables away from us. They were a good example of what I dislike in women and I made sure to emphasize to Kat what I do like, which happen to be traits highly valued in Eastern European culture. I typed in to my phone ‘probably English’, to which she laughed, showing that she immediately understood what I meant by it thus creating more polarity.

Kat listened eagerly and was in general a happy girl with an outlier edge. She was also very small. I enjoyed her company, though I enjoyed it not for her femininity (she wasn’t outstandingly feminine) but for her general happiness. I also really liked the way she expected me to lead and naturally followed when I did. I steered her when walking the streets by pulling her back from cars and putting a hand on her lower back when crossing the street, which she all didn’t seem to mind.

After maybe thirty to forty minutes we were off to the second venue, which happened to be right next to my apartment. There were plenty of places next to my street to choose from, but by this time I had not figured out yet which was the best one so unfortunately I ended up picking a not so great option.
Here we sat near the window next to each other and continued our spiel. Even though Kat wasn’t drinking alcohol I knew I had to escalate so I started to ask more intimate questions about her dating life, what she finds attractive (about me and herself) and so on. Nothing too personal but she got the point. Eventually I felt I had to tone it down and be normal again, which I did. No kiss this date.

Texting proceeded after this and she was engaging well. A good sign. The fish is still on the hook. The year ended with a bang 😉 and a few days after I met Kat again.

This date was different compared to the first one, and throughout the evening I felt like she was up for grabs if I played my cards right. My feeling turned out to be right, and in hindsight it was plain obvious, but I’m still glad I noticed the small signs throughout the date and acted upon them correctly.
Here’s how it went…
I took her to a cool, dark, underground bar, which the Croatian Amelie had introduced me to. I picked up where we left off: verbal escalation. This time she complied and answered more, and also asked me questions on her own (how many girls have you been with etc.). She also accepted me unbuttoning the top of her shirt, let me hold her hand and returned my finger stroking as we spoke. We then went to watch the live music in the bar for a bit where she stood in front of me leaning with her shoulders and back against my chest. I breathed down her neck, which was easy because she was so small. Fuck I wish I was taller so I could have that physical polarity with more girls.

Then I lead her to a cocktail bar, but it was full. Lucky for me the waiter recommended a wine bar not far from here so we went there. It turned out to be a great venue 2, though for a proper sexual vibe a darker venue 3 may be added. Anyway, this place was fine for now as it played slow jazz, offered many wines, had semi low lighting and the crowd was made up of mostly couples and dates.

Kat ordered wine and again held my hand. I tried to focus more on having a personal connection and a fun and genuine vibe than a raw sexual one and I think it worked. It felt like we really were in our own bubble and she seemed to share my feeling because she had a happy-to-be-here look on her face and conversation flowed easily. I wasn’t faking it though, I liked her, but I was still pushing for sex in the end. We also did a little photo shoot where she put on my rings and posed with them. I put on her glasses and she took some pics of me as well. I also asked about and touched her tattoo. The fact that she had one confirmed to me that she had an edge and may just be up for it, especially because it matched her fashion and music taste.
We didn’t speak much about overtly sexual topics, something I interpreted as a good thing. It was like it was already confirmed and in the air and calling it out would only decrease the sexual tension. At this point I just knew she wanted me but was very inexperienced (only relation had been a 2 year far distance one, so chances are high she is a virgin) so also very nervous about it. I took responsibility and led her out of there.

As we walked I realized I had not even kissed her yet, so I decided to do it before we reached my front door. She had just started eating chewing gum but I made her spit it out in my hand with solid eye contact. Eventually she did it like an obedient little girl or a doggy that subsides and lets go of whatever he held in his mouth when his boss tells him to. After this I pushed her against the wall and made out with her. I could sense her inexperience, but she accepted it nonetheless. We then walked and talked like nothing had happened. I pushed her in to some cars and we had a laugh.

Upon entering my apartment I was totally calm, spoke to her as we walked up the stairs, offered her some water and went to use the bathroom. I wanted her to feel at ease so I had to be at ease too. Music might also help, so I let her put on music she liked. She played Taylor Swift instead of rock….. Well, you know what they say: lose the battle to win the war. I mocked her music, we laughed, I stood her up, tipped her chin up and kissed her. Then I picked her up and carried her caveman style to my bed where I threw her hard but gently down and laid next to her.

I changed Taylor Swift to Mezzanine by Massive Attack, turned the lights down and started to heat her up. As we kissed I could feel her nervousness, she was so tense and almost shivering in anticipation. I really wanted her to enjoy this because obviously it was her first time, so I went slow and took my time. After each new step I backed off in intensity to let her get used to it. She had probably never even been without a shirt with a man, and the way she kissed me could well indicate that was her first kiss too.

So now our clothes slowly came off and I first just showed her my hard dick. I put her hand on it and stroked myself with it so she could get a feel, and then I pushed her mouth on it. She was very inexperienced but it felt nice nonetheless. It was cute how she looked up at me every once in a while to see if I liked it and if she was doing a good job.
I fingered her (she was wet as fuck, so definitely ready) and ate out her lovely 20 year old Ukrainian virgin pussy… Oh boy does victory taste sweet! After some time I slapped on a condom and positioned myself between her legs. I was really towering above her because she was so small, it felt right and I felt like a beast. Very slowly did I go inside her as to prevent her from having too much pain. I could see she was in pain though, but also enjoying becoming a woman at the same time. I fucked her twice that evening and we cuddled afterwards. She didn’t want to stay over even though I offered so I walked her back to her metro, kissed goodbye and that was that. She texted me when she was home because I had told her to.

‘Ok I’m home safe. ‘

‘Goodnight, little girl.’

‘Good night, bad boy.’


Dutch Outlaw

Learning points:
– Be aware of small signs.
1) the fact that she drank wine -whereas she usually drinks no alcohol- was a huge indicator.
2) she accepted my touch and reciprocated it.
3) she took the verbal escalation.
– Trust your gut when you feel a DNA tug.
– Trust your gut when you feel you need to escalate, tone it down, throw in comfort etc. I’m getting more calibrated and can almost sense now when to do what.
– Looks wise this was a consolidation prize compared to the Hungarian quality. Pretty girl, no doubt, but should have put more time in to her fitness to make for a 7 instead of a high 6.

Lay Report: Croatian Amelie SNL

New Years Eve 2019.

Actually no, 2020 had already begun some hours ago. The night started with drinks in an Irish pub that played awesome live music and the trolling of a crazy drunk black girl by me and my wing. The vibe was good, but we had to leave eventually so we could be in time for the fireworks. The square where Deak Ferenc utca meets Vacy Utca was packed with people, all shuffling and trying to get a better view and claim their space, which is far from ideal when the fireworks end and the whole herd starts moving. After getting dragged across the square and finding each other again between all the tourists and other people we proceeded drinking at Gozsdu Udvar, the main bar area of Budapest.

If you look closely you can find a SNL here

At Gozsdu we had some more drinks and went to a club where we spoke to various people including a three set of Russian milfs -one of which was absolutely gorgeous for her age- and also some Italians. Nightgame attempts were made but nothing stuck as usual. I wasn’t surprised really because we were both clueless and too much relying on verbal skills. Not our alley, so to speak.

Then we decided to leave, and as we’re stood outside my wing sees a girl shooting past that he fancies, so he goes after her. Now I’m standing there like a fool, but not for long because soon a girl walking past catches my eye too. She’s solo and looks reasonably cute and, with just above shoulder length black hair, red lips and pale skin she very much resembles the girl from Amelie. Something tells me to open so I stop her and tell her exactly what she made me think of when I saw her. It turns out she isn’t Hungarian nor French, but Croatian. This Croatian Amelie has just ditched her friends and is now on her way home, but yes sure she is willing to be spontaneous and go with a charming Dutch man for a drink right now. It’s New Years Eve after all, right?

And so we do. We have one drink each -both whiskey- in a really nice venue which I continued to use for the rest of my dates. I can’t remember what we spoke about, but I escalated verbally (not very heavy though) and got the kiss on the second try. It was on, and I wanted to go to bed anyway, so I led us out of the bar.

‘Let’s go.’

‘Where are we going?’

‘For a walk.’


Things are blurry from here on, but I do remember we walked and talked the whole three minutes to my apartment, which she went in to without any resistance. I offered her some wine but she declined. We both sat down, and after some talking I kissed her, picked her up caveman style and carried her to my bed. We kissed, clothes came off and the rest is history.


The next morning I woke up with a banging hangover -not the banging I’d hoped for- in an empty bed. Amelie had let herself out because she had to work the early morning (poor girl, only 3 hours of sleep!) so I relaxed the rest of the day. I didn’t remember much of the sex, but the sight of me peeling down her panties as she lay on her stomach and entering her 23 year old pussy from behind as well as her very wide hips were fortunately still fresh in my mind.
When leaving the house eventually I felt completely zen and calm. This might be due to not fapping for a long time and then releasing by sex instead of masturbation with porn. I don’t know if this is the cause, but I remember feeling extremely focused and having a crystal clear mind. Felt good I must say.

Obviously, there was not much skill involved in this lay, hence the shortness of this report. It was a fair bit of luck to find a girl like this by herself at that place at that time. All I had to do was stop her and lead her to my bed. So, new year, new lay, new flag. Go me.


Dutch Outlaw

Budapest Review

Right after Christmas I went on a 10 day jaunt to Budapest. The goal? Get laid with hot Eastern European women. When in Antwerp some months ago my wing and I had decided it was time for another daygame trip, and after some arguing between Minsk (I wanted to see a new city), Budapest or a return to Warsaw, we picked Budapest as our destination. It has been over two months already since I returned, so I don’t remember everything in detail anymore but I’ll do my best. Oh and I’m comparing mostly to Poland and the Netherlands because that’s where I’ve done most of my game.


Let’s start with the quality of the girls, which was despite it being winter, rather high. The Hungarian women are definitely very hot and know how to dress. They value status through appearance, so you’ll see a lot of fur, big sunglasses and jewellery, though there also many of the more timidly and traditionally dressed girls wearing skirts or tight jeans. Long hair and heels a plenty in this city as well.
There definitely is a certain type of girl that stands out to me as typical Hungarian, though it’s hard to put that in to words. I’d say most of them have long and skinny legs, are brunette, have slightly slit eyes (due to their history of Asian invaders) and are not very tall. The brunettes often have white skin, whereas the black-haired ones seem to have more olive skin. This might be due to tanning, but I’m not sure. The faces of Hungarian girls are not very wide, and although the girls are definitely sweet and very feminine, I found them to be a bit harsher and giving more push back in the form of testing and attitude than the Polish and Dutch girls I’ve experienced. They were also less open to banter or jokes and preferred the straightforwardness of simple but solid conversation.
The range of girls you’ll find is much wider though than the girl described above -if you can picture anything at all-. You will also find quite a few ‘fuller’ ones and also some blondes. The dominant hair color is brunette though.

When walking through Budapest I concluded that the girls here are definitely hotter than the Poles, on average that is. When walking around the street there was a set worth approaching at least every 5 minutes and the girls in general were well put together, even the older ones took care of their fashion and physique. Mind, we were out in winter time, meaning less skirts and skin shown, yet they still stood out to me as very hot. I’d say their average is a 7.5, with many 8’s and even a fair share of 9’s. Not that much of the latter though.

Many girls I met were modelling in some way or another. And that’s not just proclaiming to be a model by putting it in their Instagram bio.

The girls here were hard to pull though and I got the idea that they were more the type of girl that required at least two dates to lay, if they were interested in that at all. It felt like they were more looking for a relationship, or already in one. This might be due to their culture and the season (winter boyfriends) or to lack of skill/value on my side. Probably a bit of both, with an emphasis on the latter. Out of all the girls I did get out on a date, only two were Hungarian. One of them was a time-waster and the other was a bit of an outlier.
The above might be a bit misleading though because many girls actually oozed sex and sexuality, so the reason they might be hard to pull may be just my value and not them or Hungarian culture per se. Of course, they are no sluts, but I also ran well in to some (appearing to be) ‘easier’ and ‘might-just-be-up-for-it-with-the-right-man’ type of girls.

What I didn’t like about the girls though was that many of them smoked. If they smoke they poke, you say? Well that didn’t seem to hold true here (could also be my game + thousand other conditions). Either way it showed in their faces and hair. The skin loses its vibrancy of youth much quicker, and the hair looks less healthy and shiny too.


Budapest was burned to the ground. When I was there three years ago a daygamer told me that James Marshall lives and coaches here, so that may be the reason for that. I don’t know the current number of coaches and bootcamps in that city though, but I’m guessing it’s high.
Coaches or not, the fact that the city was burned was annoying and I had to step up my number of approaches to substitute for all the harsh blowouts and ‘oh fuck not again’ eyerolls. All this approaching causes the girls to be more way and less interested in a daygame approach, though, of course, if you do it correctly there will always be some that fancy you. Which is what happened to me: there were still quite some girls very receptive. I also got really in to it at near the end of the trip, which was a good vibe wise but not so much time wise.

Some girls spoke limited English but in general it was fine. I needed Google Translate more for the Ukrainians and Russians than for the Hungarians, so language was not a problem. For good daygame areas I’d looked in to some recommendations online, so I won’t bother going in to that here. Do the work yourself, fellas 😉

Since the Hungarians value status a lot (presumably the Balkan people even more) IG is big here. Still, don’t fall for it and focus strongly on getting Whatsapp or Viber.

Then, the men? What about your competition? Well…. the Hungarian men are in my experience quite solid chunks of manliness. They seem to be tall, hit the gym and protect their wives, though only when provoked. Fortunately the younger boys men pay less attention to their fashion (actually probably more, but in the wrong way) and dress like faggy hipster teens. Also quite some men are very effeminate; they get their eyebrows done, wear superskinny jeans and have an unnatural tan. Some of them reminded me of Geordie Shore. To put it in to perspective: I felt more competition from other unseen daygamers due to spamming than from these pussy boys, so you shouldn’t worry.
I wouldn’t want to mess with the average older Hungarian man though, which makes it understandable why girls are attracted to them. To get a Hungarian girl you need to have your shit together and act like you know you have whilst being humble about it at the same time.


It was nice to walk around the city because of the winter atmosphere, the many couples enjoying the Christmas market and the many girls doing their Christmas shopping. Polarity was in the air. There was also enough volume to do plenty of sets, but the city died out a couple of days after New Year’s Eve -which is to be expected- so I don’t know how well Budapest is volume wise outside of the holidays.
The city also felt very safe, which might be due to their strict immigration policy. I don’t know. I just had the same feeling in Warsaw when walking through the streets that with a fair bit of common sense and awareness you need not worry about violence or crime apart from the usual street corner drunk.

I had tested in Warsaw how well I could handle daygame in the cold and boy was I happy I brought my gloves. Usually it was around -2 degrees Celsius but we also had days where it was -5. Gloves really were essential in this temperature and if you don’t do well in the cold then you should definitely bring a thermal.

I did not speak with many locals but my impression was that Hungarians are a bit grumpy and gruff, especially towards tourists and non-Hungarians. Living standards seem to be fine and like Warsaw not too expensive, yet not typically Eastern-Europe cheap either.


I’ll let the statistics speak for themselves, though I must say: I approached A LOT, so my apologies to future daygamers. I’m not totally to blame though because as I said, the place was pretty much burned meaning that I had to step up my approaches. I also tried to hit on some waitresses, which I counted as an approach too. In total I think 20 were quick blow-outs or a waitress, so keep that in mind.
We went for 10 days so when looking at the number of approaches it looks like I did around 10 approaches per day, but that obviously is not the case. More like 60/70 in the first half and then the rest spread out over the second half.

Approach: 97
Number: 35
I-date: 1
D2: 6
D3: 1
Kiss: 2
SDL: 1
Lay: 1

So, two lays (reports coming once I can be bothered) out of 97 approaches, that makes for 1 in 48.5. I’m happy with that, though I would have preferred to get the proper hot and local girls out on a date. Don’t get me wrong, I got some pretty girls on dates and the lays I got were fine but they were just not the type of Hungarian stunners that walked by so often. I also didn’t get the Hungarian flag, so that quest continues….

Also note that this trip has an effect on my 2019 stats. For example, had I not included the lays (both happened in 2020) then it would have been 1:60 compared to 1:49. What I did not expect is that when you would exclude the trip at all, my stats would be exactly the same. Admittedly the average hotness would go down though, but either way I guess it’s fair to say that I’m at 1:50 now, or at least was in 2019.

Throughout the entire trip I dated six different girls, which makes for an approach to number of 1:2.7, an approach to date of 1:12, a number to lay of 1:18 and a number to date of 1:4. Date to lay was 1:4.
One girl was a Ukrainian here for work. Then there was a Croatian girl, also here for work. The rest were a dappy Hungarian girl that lived in England, a Danish model who turned out to be a proper cunt, a Russian born but German raised time waster, a lovely Romanian and lastly a Hungarian time waster.

When going to a hairdresser to get my beard done (trimmer broke) I felt chatty and with good vibe, which I think is key in how the dappy Hungarian girl got attracted to me. I bantered with the female staff about how they had never touched a beard before and that if you know ‘bozdmeg’ and ‘koszonom’ you can become a Hungarian citizen. I spoke briefly to the girl as she waited for her spot and gave her deep sexual eye-contact. Later I went to get cash and regretted not asking her out. I wanted to go back in to the shop but felt that would be weird so I waited outside out of view. Eventually she walked out so I stopped her and took her for an I-date. She was very pleasant company and snuggled up to me quite quickly. She said things as ‘I bet you’re a hair puller’ and ‘You do this all the time, don’t you?’. Go me. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the kiss and logistics got in the way after that. Bummer.
Then the Russian/German. She met me later the same evening after a very sexual approach. When I tried to kiss her she rejected and did the same when I retried later. I asked her if she knew I would try. ‘Yes, from the very first second’, she said. I asked her if she knew she would reject. ‘Yes’, she said, again. Fuck. I should have walked out but had nothing else to do so we went for pizza and that was that.
The Hungarian time-waster told me in set she had a boyfriend, but let me close anyway and seemed fairly keen over text. After the set a guy even came up to me asking if I’m a coach or something because it looked so good. But then on the date she was LJBF’ing me and when I tried to kiss her she said she would never do something like that when she had a boyfriend. I totally expected this one to be keen and felt furious at her for being such a dumb person so I downed my drink and walked out.
I was also meant to meet the Hungarian I kissed in Antwerp and met again in The Hague where she had brought me a gift, but she flaked.
There are posts coming on the other four.


Some cool and nice moments of this trip include:
– getting a Danish model (proper Miss Denmark top 10 I believe) on a date.
– Walking through a nice city, enjoying the sights.
– Banging a Croatian girl on New Year’s Eve.
– Deflowering a 20 year old Ukrainian.
– Dating a very feminine and sexy Romanian.
– Some sightseeing; Parliament, Houdini House, Gellert Hill.
– Hot girls.
– Good food. I particularly enjoyed the goulash soup from Kupak bar. Prices were alright, but not super cheap.
– No stress about study or deadlines. Despite jaunts being a rollercoaster I also find them to be relaxing.
– finding really cool venues

All in all this trip was nice (for me at least as I got laid twice, my wing didn’t succeed) and I was once again reminded how much I love daygame and hot, sexy girls. Eastern Europe truly is a delightful place when it comes to women and culture. Budapest itself though is not an optimal place for game and I would only return to it for game in a couple of years when my value is higher (given that I work on it) and my game is better.


Dutch Outlaw

2019 Review and 2020 Goals

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hot girl
Great personality

It has been rather quiet out here, hasn’t it? Yes. It has. The reason is that I have been extremely busy with uni and other things so I simply didn’t have any time to write. Now that I have though there’s a couple of posts coming your way, starting off with a review of last year.

Here goes.

2019 was a strange year for me. The first half I felt rather low and down, with some occasional highlights in between of course, but I wasn’t very happy. I had too much spare time and didn’t know what to do with it, causing me to feel very lethargic and unmotivated to do anything. The main reason for this was probably a pessimistic outlook towards my study and having nobody to hang with in the place that I study but those from the association, which were a bunch of alcoholic, goal lacking people. There was no structure in my life either. All of this showed when daygaming: I’d mostly be an empty soul with few things going on in his life to talk about. Not a man girls would want to date.
From September on, however, this changed. My holidays had finished and I started the new study year by cutting off the toxic people and habits in my life by leaving the student association and joining the climbing association instead. My study was requiring more effort and became more interesting too, which helped in finding motivation. Besides, cold showers became a habit, I got back in a gym routine and became much more social by joining the events from the climbing association and climbing in general. I also bought a guitar and played a lot. Things were going better and I felt much healthier and happier. Yay.

Now, on with the daygame.

For a start, this year I did way better than last year. In total I approached 543 girls, had 31 dates and 22 i-dates (in total with 47 different girls). Of those 543 I layed 11. Good fucking job if you ask me.

Have a look for yourself at 2019 vs 2018.


ApproachNumber/contact detailsDatesD2D3IdatesKiss closeNear missLaySDLAverage age (estimate)Average hotness
Approach to numberApproach to layNumber to layDate to layNumber to date


ApproachNumber/contact detailsDatesIdatesKiss closeNear missLayAverage ageAverage hotness
Approach to numberApproach to layNumber to layDate to layNumber to date

Here are the lays in consecutive order plus their rating: [1]
Dutch, 6.5
French, 7
Argentinian, 8
Dutch, 6
Dutch, 5
Italian, 5
Dutch, 7
French, 6
Ukrainian, 6
Croatian, 6.5
Ukrainian, 6.5

Now that changes things, right? The number of lays doesn’t seem that great when most were 6s. I’ve had quite some grotty lays this year (ffs), which is something I really wish to avoid in 2020. I mean, they were funny stories, but I feel like I’m now in the position to honestly say that I have done enough of that and feel more entitled to hotter girls, which is a shift in my mentality. Previously I’d still bang a 5 or 6 for the sake of it and out of lack of confidence in getting a better option, but now I don’t want to put my time in to that anymore. As my wing said: ‘life’s too short to be banging 6s’. Hence, the main goal for 2020 will be to work on myself and prioritize quality over quantity.

I enjoyed daygame a lot this year, but I realized I may have been doing it to fill the emptiness of feeling down in the first half of the year. No more of that. Plus, although emotionally I improved in the second half, my motivation to daygame (in actual sessions) dropped. My heart was still in it, but less, causing half arsed approaches and faster annoyance (on my side) on dates. Perhaps it’s because the beginner high is slowly fading, or perhaps because I’ve imagined the turnout rate to be even lower than it actually is. For example, when out on the street I’d think about the fact that only 5 of my lays this year (up until September) came from streetwork, and the rest from non-street approaches. I’d think ‘Fuck me, this really is a lot of hard work! And the chance of laying one of these girls is so low too! Sigh…’, which obviously didn’t help my vibe. This simmered throughout the whole year, though I cared less near the end because, as I said, I was busier with other things. I hope I will start enjoying it more again in 2020.

There was also an interesting change in my dates. Towards the end of 2019 I went on more dates to nowhere, which is both frustrating and a good thing. It’s frustrating because it costs me money, time and emotional investment, plus it makes me question my daygame. Some were also just outright twats.
It’s a good thing though because it makes me re-evaluate my dating game and seek for points of improvement. I guess that the girls I used to get on a date were already pretty well in to me, hence I’d be able to kiss and lay them relatively fast despite my stumbling in the dark, using obvious gambits. It made me think my dating game was good, but now that I’ve encountered multiple bad dates I’m starting to doubt that. I’d say that a larger portion of the dates I get now is girls who are seeing if I’m really what I presented to them on the street, compared to them being into me from the start. The beginner high must have made me oblivious to this.

Overall though, when comparing last year to 2018 I really felt like I improved my game. Points to keep working on are;
– sets in Dutch.
– get to know girls in set and then decide if you actually want to date them. A pretty face won’t cut it anymore.
– sexualize my sets.
– date game (conversation and storytelling mainly. Avoid discussions but still hold frame, less 4th walling and less overt statements.)

So, that was 2019 for daygame. How will 2020 be? Well, who the fuck knows. I do have some goals, but I don’t want to hold myself to X amount of lays or approaches. Instead I want to aim for hotter girls, try out some approaching at uni and work on non-daygame goals.


On that note, the non-daygame goals for 2020 make for quite the list. If you can’t be bothered, close this post and have a shit or something. I think that daygame is as much about approaching as it is about self-improvement though, so stick around if you’re interested in what I want to do with my life besides running after strange girls to tell them they look like a Spanish muffin so I can get in their pants. Or not. I don’t care. I’m just writing this for myself anyway.

So, here’s a list of things I want to focus on in 2020.
– minimum of 3 workouts per week, of which one has to be cardio/endurance based.
– get leaner/lose fat and get a bigger chest.
– get in to a regular sleeping schedule. Yes, even when uni starts only at 4 pm.
– take the 10 week Wim Hof course and continue with cold showers every morning.
– decrease spending, increase income. Also keep an overview of my finances.
– get a side-job.
– start saving.
– invest money in something. Stocks?
– study a semester abroad with the EU Erasmus program.
– actively meet more people and make new friends. Be more socially open.
– keep being a good brother and son.
-spend less time behind a screen.
– continue daily guitar playing.
– continue playing poker every once in a while.
– form my own worldview and understanding of the financial market by reading 5 books on politics and 5 on economics. Recommendations are welcome. Next year I’ll read more literary classics.


Dutch Outlaw

[1] – I may or may not have changed the ratings compared to the lay reports. I couldn’t be arsed to read all of the posts back, but if in any I have written the girls to be hotter than they were then that was foolish of me and I should have faced my ego instead. The rates you read here are the actual rates.

4 days in Warsaw

Last weekend I took some time off and went on a short trip to Warsaw. I had been checking the prices of flights, and when my university schedule aligned perfectly with the cheap ass prices, I decided to book the ticket. I went with the aim to hopefully date and close long leads (although they weren’t much invested), relax, reminisce last year’s jaunt and prepare for daygame in the cold for a future jaunt.

How did it go?

Well, I succeeded with the last three goals, but both of the girls flaked. Honestly, it was to be expected. It didn’t matter much though, because I knew this beforehand and would still have a good time if I could do some daygame with hot girls, eat nice food and relax in a city that I like. And I did all that, so it was a good trip.

My stats are as following:

ApproachNumber/contactI-dateD2D3Kiss closeOn bed but no layLaySDL

What stands out immediately is my improved ratio of approach to number/contact close. It’s almost 1 in 2, and that’s far above my average of 1 in 4-6 in the Netherlands. Plus, I was being reasonably selective in the girls I decided to open, so in terms of getting contact details I did very well.

Many of those contacts were Facebook though, but since that’s what many Polish girls use to communicate rather than Whatsapp I counted it as a close. I think I did better for several reasons, in non-particular order being 1) I am to Polish girls a foreigner (DNA scarcity), 2) English speaking, 3) accumulated practice and more reference experiences i.e. better game compared to last year, 4) sense of entitlement + horniness, 5) looking more like a player/bad boy, 6) culturally acceptable to approach girls and girls being relatively used and open to it. 7) the season.

Number 1 should speak to anyone who knows basic evolutionary biology for itself, so I won’t go in to that one. 2) This is definitely a pattern that I’ve noticed, even when gaming in the Netherlands. Didn’t I write a post on it once? Anyway, it’s just that when I speak English with girls, my sets tend to go way better than when I speak Dutch. I guess it’s thrilling for a girl to speak English with a man because she might not be that proficient at it combined with the fact that I’m very smooth in English. 3) This may not seem obvious when I take a snapshot of my game as it is right now, but when I compare it to how it used to be, say, the same time last year, I have gotten better. Doing all the sets, dates and lays, plus the self-reflection and analysis has made me improve without a doubt. I’ve also gotten one year older, so I have more experience in life and know more what I want. 4) I wanted these girls, knew I could get attract at least some of them and felt like I was worth them, so that shone through in my sets. 5) My fashion improved, and I walked with an extra swagger (boxing style). I wore a leather jacket, cap, had tiger eyes, and walk with my hips and shoulders. I’ve been growing out my hair as well. It all lead to noticeably more IOI’s. Girls tell me they think I’m 24-27 all the time, which is a good thing. The only downside to this is the incongruence with my lifestyle, because I’m still a student, but this will fade over time. 6) speaks for itself. 7) Not as many daygamers out as in summer. I’ve met two, both seemed incompetent twats.

During these 4 days I didn’t get laid, but I’m not that fussed about it because one can not really expect to do so in a four day time span, unless you’re very, very lucky.

In total I had 3 i-dates, all on my first day. On this day I really hit my vibe, which might be due to the excitement of traveling, but either way today I was on fire. I was coming up with creative, personalized stacks, felt very cheeky and touched girls a lot in set. My sets felt very polarizing.

The next day, I had one D2 with my first approach of the day. She came out a couple of hours later after a job interview and some shit tests, and was cute and very flirty. Only in the 2nd venue did I find out her left hand had no fingers… Wtf, how does this keep happening to me. What are the fucking odds!? I over escalated the set until she walked off because I didn’t care anymore.

After eating dinner I managed to get another girl out whom I had approached earlier today on Marszalkowska. Initially I was about to run up to another set (I had already turned around and was giving chase) when this girl walked past me. For a split second I was torn between who to choose, but I really felt like I couldn’t let a girl like that walk past me without doing anything, so I went back, again, and stopped her. She was Ukrainian and spoke zero English. I was very persistent and number closed, but in all honesty I really was expecting her to flake. Things changed when I was out doing some gutter game that evening and she seemed keen over text. I opted to meet, which we did. We had some take away coffee and walked whilst talking and handing over the phone for Google Translate. It was nice to do something different from the standard seated date model in a bar. My fingers were freezing though, it was -1 and I had no gloves with me. I flirted with her whilst doing rapport, and the atmosphere was good. I then walked her back to the metro, tried to kiss her but got denied (‘It is my job to try -Yes and it is my job to resist!’ Haha!) and off she went.

Day 3 was a lazy day. I knew that I would have to go for a SDL today and go all or nothing, but I really wasn’t feeling like doing anything. Instead I just read a book in a café for a couple of hours. I didn’t hit the streets until 4 pm.
There was barely anything out there though, but I did close two girls. Then I texted yesterday’s date, and she wanted to meet again! I thought it would be a straightforward lay given the fact I had tried to kiss her, and thus she knew my intentions, and she was still coming out to see me, but reality was far from it. We went for another coffee, this time inside. I took her to the Café Nero that overlooks the Palace of Culture and Science, which happens to be a 2 minute walk from my apartment.

The date was very nice, and after we finished our drinks I walked her straight to my door. She wouldn’t come up, and I then stated to her very clearly that we are not friends, that I am a man and she is a woman and I only like her in that way. We stood outside for some minutes discussing, but I reminded myself that getting reactive in moments like these is not the right thing to do. Also, what’s another drink with a beautiful girl?

So, Café Nero on Nowy Swiat it is. Here the vibe was even better than before, and we got some good chat going. I showed her my Instagram, which shows both bad boy (poker, travel, some girls) and good boy (breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, visiting my grandma, hugging my dog) sides of me. It made me more like a real person in her eyes. I then led her back to the metro where we took some selfies and said our goodbyes. I hugged her, and she kissed me on her own on my cheek, which I found very sweet. I then pulled her in and got a peck on the lips. It confirmed the attraction and frame, and she seems very keen.

Getting this girl on a date blew my mind. I was thinking to myself many times ‘am I actually dating this girl?!’ because she was so hot. She was by far the hottest girl I’ve dated in my daygame career. Her face was a high 8 -if not 9, in my opinion, but her body was, from what I could see, very skinny so I’d say just a 7 because I prefer them with some curves. Still, this was a really hot girl.

Her being on the metro and not in my bed means I didn’t get laid this trip, and I had told myself that I’d go to a brothel if this was the case, but in the end I just couldn’t be arsed to invest money and time in some grotty sex. Instead I had a wank and went to bed with a happy smile on my face. It was a good trip.

One aim of this trip was to find out how well I could handle daygaming in the cold, and I found out. In Warsaw it was on average around 5 degrees Celsius, but in the evenings and nights it dropped below zero. The daytime walking was enough to keep me warm, but at night I really needed gloves and my cap. A thermal shirt would have helped against shivering as well. I now know better what to pack for the upcoming winter jaunt: more warm clothing and gloves. Perhaps find a new cap and some new clothing (jacket and long sleeve shirts) as well.

Now I’ve returned I plan to work the 3-4 new leads that I have now as long game leads, which I will hopefully do better at than last time. I’m sure I will, but you never know how this turns out so I won’t jynx myself. I’ll just have to try and see, and if it seems profitable then I’ll go back.

For now it is back to gaming in Dutch (and sometimes English) on the streets of Amsterdam and The Hague, where I will hopefully find new girls. I’ll keep some practice in but I am extremely busy with studying and family at the moment, and both are a priority for me, so that comes obviously before daygame.

Still… see you on the streets,

Dutch Outlaw