RIP Tom Torero – The Indiana Jones of Daygame.

I guess we all know it by now, but the infamous Tom Torero is dead. Passed away or suicide, I’m not sure, but either way I wanted to say a few words about his passing and what he meant to me.

De bronafbeelding bekijken
I couldn’t find a better picture

Tom was like a father to me. And that may sound silly since I never even met the guy but it still felt like that. A little background info: My father, whom I respect dearly, divorced my mom, or rather she divorced him, when I was 12, right before I entered the phase in my life where I turned from boy-hood to manhood. I barely saw my dad in this period because I went to live with my mom so obviously missed a father figure in this period of my life to show me how to handle all the things you face when you become a man, like finding your identity, your fashion, taking risks, how to deal with women, confidence etc.

Always that jacket.

Tom Torero helped me with all this. Luckily I came across his podcasts after watching the lame Simple Pickup chodes and got hooked, haha – hook point (I still see him holding his hand up like a fish hook in that Beginner Daygame video with Craig). His nice bad boy series, his bamboozling, his podcasts and his, as Krauser said very well, unquenchable thirst for adventure, all motivated me to do something similar. They ignited a fire within me and showed me what was possible. From chubby Oxford nerd to a life of adventure. From wanking loner to a life filled with girls. I wanted that. I wanted to be a daygamer, I wanted to be a playboy, I wanted to travel the world and take risks, all whilst making money from my laptop. And I still do, or at least a part of me, and I know that I will, and that all started with the Indiana Jones of daygame, Tom Torero. For that I am forever grateful.

Now I only know Tom from his videos and podcasts (sadly I never bought any of his books), but I could tell he was a good lad. It really makes me sad that someone who put so much effort in to helping men improve their lives has to leave us this way. The SJW’s and their evil attempt at shaming him to be taking advantage of girls, totally twisting the message he actually preached for some quick fame got to him and apparently it became too much. From what I know Torero took his own life, but if he really did I will never know. Maybe it’s a way of retiring his old persona and he is now sipping a cocktail on the beach in Latin-America with a sexy Colombian minx or Russian princess by his side. Or maybe not. If he is really gone, then I hope his soul does enjoy that cocktail anyway. He’s definitely earned it.

De bronafbeelding bekijken
I listened to every single one of them.

Tom inspired me with his travel vlogs, including the Black Sheep Bandit episodes, not because he was doing epic shit, but because he dreamt about it for years and was now realizing it. He really lived. Seeing it gave me hope and drive to achieve the same.
And oh did he teach me much about game. I still remember starting out with a 10 x 10 challenge in The Hague, listening to his podcasts on the train. OSVIC OSVIC (open stack vibe invest close), I kept repeating it in my head. And ofcourse everything went blank the moment I got myself in front a girl. Super cringe when I think back, but also loads of fun.
Many, and I mean many, daygamers/playboys wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for Tom. He pulled us out from our rooms and on to the streets. Face the fear and do it anyway, grab life by the horns, lick the lid of life, flirt with life, jump right in, no excuses, embrace the pain, don’t hide your dick etc. It all came from his videos and has helped thousands of men worldwide. Now that’s a legacy that won’t be matched.

Thanks for being the katalyst to changing my life for the better Tom, and may you rest in peace. I will do some sets in your honor this week.

Hustle on,

Dutch Outlaw


Let this be a lesson for all of us to reach out to each other when you think your brothers need it, even if you don’t know them that well. It may just save their life.

2021 Review & 2022 Plans

In this post I quickly want to go over the past year, which of the goals I set for myself I achieved and which I didn’t and what I want to achieve in 2022.

Juultje Tieleman - Page 3 - The MousePad
  1. Get $20K to my name. I did not. Initially I aimed at 10K but when writing this I thought Fuck that I should aim bigger, so I doubled it. Now, I didn’t get to 20K, but I did cross the 10K mark, spread over crypto, stocks and some saving.
  2. Get in the best shape possible. I’m currently at 14% (guessing) body fat. I will get down to 10% and keep it that way. My two conditions are A) it must be done injury free and B) in a healthy way. I allow myself to go up to 12% if 10% is having a negative effect on my life (cold/libido). I will focus on meditation, stretching, endurance and strength.
    Yes, I did. I hired a personal trainer, dropped below 10% bodyfat and got in the best shape of my life. I was extremely strict on my diet with absolutely zero cheatings and I tracked all things important (sleep, calories taken in, macronutrients, daily steps, amount of water). At one point I was eating 1600 calories a day with protein at 180 grams. That’s nuts. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and seeing my body lean out and the pictures (done by a professional sportsphotographer) turned out epic. Great for Tinder and great to show my grandkids later. I have gained some weight though and am almost back to where I started… I’ll get it off again though.
    I deadlifted 192,5 KG (previously I could only do this with straps – now I didn’t need them so that’s a PR), squatted 152,5 KG (I know for a fact I have at least 170 in me) and benched 110 KG. All of this done at a bodyweight of around 82 KG and a height of 170 CM.
    I also continued with the cold exposure. Occasionally a cold shower and now that winter is coming I go in to the water once or twice a week.
  3. Do a photo shoot of my body when in peak shape. Both sexual/bdsm and physique style. Will be nice to capture myself throughout the years and I’ve always wanted to do a cool photo shoot. I will do this in summer. Yes.
  4. Build social life + network of valuable people. Yes, but would have liked this to be even better. Recently I met quite a lot of likeminded people, so it’s going in the right direction. I’m happy that I got to know them.
  5. Build something that pays me money passively. See goal 1. I tried building a Twitter account, and I did, but still don’t have any solid income from it, even though I have over 10K followers. I won’t throw in the towel just yet, but I do feel like I need to use a different approach.
  6. (Day)game when possible. Stick to LDM. No grotty lays. Quality quality quality. I did daygame when possible, but more random approaches than actual sessions. Those days are behind me now. I just say hi when I feel like it and if it goes anywhere, great. I got laid quite a few times this year, and with decent girls too. Had two real cuties on my dick (both from daygame) and a few other average ones. Had a couple of dates and in total I got 3 daygame lays. Nothing to brag about but definitely better than last year.
  7. Improve social circle/party game. Think I did alright, though there’s always room for improvement.
  8. Read 20 books. I’ll finish last year’s list and add books on nutrition and fitness. No. Not even close. I read maybe 5 books, 3 on nutrition and some others (Mountain of Gold, Endurance).
  9. Write and produce a guitar song. No. Got way better though. Getting close to the Master of Puppets solo (look it up and you’ll know the skill required) and capable of solid riffing now. Song still to come but looking more in to playing with others and learning from them. Want to start a band.
  10. Start training for black belt in judo. Not possible due to covid.
  11. Travel to at least one new country. Thinking of Ukraine or Russia. No.
  12. Go on a trip in to nature (hiking/camping). Yes. Hiked a week in the Tatra mountains of Poland. Climbed Rysy, Swinica, Giewont and shot guns in Krakow. Had a great time and once again reminded why I love Eastern-Europe. Such good atmosphere, no androgyny and beautiful nature.
  13. Get a job when my bachelor’s is finished (July 2021). I want something that pays well, allows me to be physically active (no sedentary office drone) and teaches me new skills. Thinking of becoming a woodworking or real estate agent apprentice. I will figure out what I like to do/what matches these criteria by joining different jobs for a day and looking around to see if I like it. No, I haven’t finished my bachelor’s degree yet. All studies were moved online and after two weeks of sitting behind my laptop, listening to soulsucking teachers waffle on about political nonsense and failing internet connections, I simply stopped watching the lectures. Obviously I failed the courses and now have to retake them. I hope to be done by February/March.
  14. Learn a skill that I can monetize. Separate of goal 1. No succes, but I have started learning Russian.
  15. Buy new clothes. Yes, improved my fashion, but again, there is always room for improvement. This is just another reason to make more money.
De bronafbeelding bekijken
Me, living in that shite student city. Alone and resentful.

2021 was a good year for me, despite not finishing my study like I planned to. I moved to a place where I’m much happier, I am healthier, have a better social life and am doing better in general than I was over the past three years.

De bronafbeelding bekijken
Me now, happy, healthy and positive.

Covid really fucked a lot of things for me though. I feel like my youth is being stolen from me. We can’t do anything and altough I’m not the party type, it would be nice to at least be able to go for a beer in a bar after playing guitar with people, or just to go out with friends. All we can do now is have parties at home, game nights or dinners. And don’t get me wrong, those things are fun, but the places that are of major importance to the development of me and people my age (yes others too stfu), the places where socializing, a huge part of your mental health, happens, are shut off. It sometimes gets me down but I won’t cave in, ever.
I hate covid and I will never get the vax.
At the moment I am creating an exit plan for what happens if shit really goes down. Do I leave the country or do I stay to fight? Idk.

This year I also matured. I’m more open to the idea of having a relationship and the low quality whores really repel me now. I don’t want their bad energy on my dick. Fucking empty soulless whores feels like kissing a death eather from Harry Potter. Not good. I’m convinced that their bad energy reflects on to me afterwards.
Now this doesn’t mean the trad-wife virus has gotten to me, but I do see how it appeals to people and eventually I do want a wife and children. I have a dream of getting a plot of land where I build my own log cabing and start a family. I don’t want to end up like Krauser or Jabba, who, and I don’t mean this in any form of disrespect as their knowledge and game have helped me loads, are now in their 40s and still shit posting on Twitter about who fucked a hotter girl and about how the world’s going to shit. It feels like they are the male equivalent of a feminist who chose career over family. I don’t want to be like that later.
So should I then abandon all the sleeping around and seducing? Some part of me says yes, some part of me says no. I haven’t quite figured it out. Maybe I’m thinking about it too much anyway.
And I don’t want to say I will never do daygame either. When I imagine the girls walking on Chmielna and Deak Ferenc with their thick lips, fur coats, long hairs, high heels and purring eyes I definitely get a hard on and I would love to be able to lay quality like that like RoyWalker and BroodingSea are doing. But right now is just not the time for that. I need to build myself for myself first. I mean, what 23 year old travels to Eastern-Europe to date their women?! The return on investment is so low when you compare it to the return on investment you get from focusing on your own shit in this period of your life. Maybe I’ll get back to it in a couple of years but for now my attention goes to other things. It has to.

This is also the reason I broke off contact with my old wing. I felt like he wasn’t going anywhere in his life and not helping me get anywhere either. I wanted to leave the phase of being a daygamer behind and felt like he wasn’t on the same path as me. So now I will do only daygame as it was originally intended to. Just speak to a girl when you think she is attractive and try to take things from there as you go about your day. I will certainly not roam the streets for hours to do X amount of sets etc. Anyway, I think my point is clear now.

2021 also gave me great job opportunities. I got a sales job that paid me loads and I did extremely well. On my final day my boss said they never had anyone who scored as well as I did. Very cool, indeed. It allowed me to invest, to pay my rent, to buy new clothes, take girls on dates, buy nutritious food from the farm and just to live stress free. However, the work itself started getting to me and there was nothing to achieve anymore so I handed in my papers and left. I have a new job now, which will be temporary, and I’ll see from there.

Daygame wise this year I barely did any, as mentioned before, but still managed to get laid a fair bit. In one month I even fucked 7 girls, if not more. Not all from daygame, but still. I haven’t tracked my approaches this year, but if I had to guess it would be no more than 50. Given the fact that I laid 3 girls from daygame that is a approach to lay ratio of 1 in 16. Pretty good, but do keep in mind that I got lucky this year. See my previous posts for more in depth stories about the girls.

OK Review done.

Now 2022. I will keep it very simple here.

  1. Get back in to the shape I was in at the photoshoot and maintain this physique.
    Deadlift 220, Squat 180, Bench 125.
  2. Get better at fighting. I can still do judo well, but I want to improve my boxing.
  3. Double down on the new friends I made and grow with them. I should sometimes be less stoic and surly and just have a little bit more fun.
  4. Learn about nutrition and start with a course on this subject.
  5. Make even more money. Either via Twitter, Instagram or any other way.
  6. Have a plan ready for when shit goes down with covid. If the jab becomes obligated I must be ready.
  7. Buy a new guitar and improve my playing. I want to be able to fully play along with Metallica songs like Master of Puppets and Creeping Death, and learn more Slayer and Megadeath. I also want to learn to sing and play simultaneously.
  8. Either go all the way in to the nutrition course (and maybe build a side income through this), or look again in to the woodworking sector. It keeps drawing me in so I guess that says enough.
  9. Increase my income so I can buy more quality foods, clothes I like, protect my family from adversity if that may come and travel. There are endless reasons for why I should make more money, and none of them include a Lamborghini (though that would be pretty cool but you get the point).
  10. Keep improving my Russian.
  11. To sum my plan for 2022 up: stack money, focus on the gym, work on network, improve guitar and take a nutrition course.
    I specifically left girls out of the list because, as I said earlier, my priorities are somewhere else now. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be approaching once in a while, but I won’t be tracking my statistics, and probably won’t even be writing much on here.

So, a short and simple post. Hope you all had a great Christmas and that you learned something from it. Or don’t. I don’t care. Just remember to enjoy life and push it to the limit, it’s too short for mediocrity.


Dutch Outlaw

October 2021 – Lay Report #15, #16, #17

October is over and what a month it was. Not only did I end my > 1 year daygame dry spell, I did so with a blast. I fucked 4 girls in one week and 3 in one other week, something I have done only once before, totalling 7 girls in one month, of which 3 from daygame.

As I said in my previous post, after fucking those three girls I still had some leads in the pipeline. Usually when I say this they turn out to be a date (or not even that) and then fall off the radar. But not this time…

In terms of lays this was my best week yet since starting daygame almost four years ago. Why? Well, I had three daygame lays to be specific and 1 social circle one. 3 out of these 4 were within 24 hours.

That would mean a big post of detailed lay reports for each girl right? Hmm, not really, mate, sorry. I’m at the point now where writing lay reports doesn’t really interest me anymore, I believe Thomas Crown wrote some sentences about this recently and I recognized myself a fair bit in them. It’s just not something that I enjoy anymore, plus I find it a bit cringy and I’m too busy anyway. It’s all just grist to the mill and the lays often follow the same pattern. Unless it’s a proper crazy story I can’t be bothered to write it down, and even then I probably will take my time to get it on paper. I don’t know why this is. Perhaps because I’m maturing? Or the novelty of getting daygame lays is gone? Or I became normal again, after having gone through the phase of being a hey-you-look-French-random-but-cool-to-meet-you-Daygamer.

Still, here goes.

Girl 1 – daygame lay #15. 18 y/o and Dutch. Dark blonde, equally as tall as me, petite, lithe and school girl look.

Saw her get out of the train after me and liked her look. Weaseled Swirled the thought of approaching her through my brain for a bit, unlocked my bike still undecided and eventually cycled over to her. Stopped her right before she would cross the street and started talking nonsense. Later she told me she wouldn’t have given me her number if I had asked for it straight away but because we got a conversation going she decided to go for it. Stacking works guys. And so does being normal.

We had a drink a couple of weeks later (wasn’t sure if I was going to get her out) where I kissed her on the terras and did some more mauling in an alleyway. I got her out because I wasn’t needy over text and showed her some pics of my life doing cool shit like surfing, playing guitar on a rooftop and snowboarding. It was really easy and bullying/teasing worked wonders. Probably because she’s so young. In the alleyway she wanted my dick but had to meet friends and so did I. We parted ways.

Next monday she came over, straight to mine. It was obvious and we smashed hard. I had just installed red lights in my room, giving the whole place a red light district kind of vibe. It creates a sensual and erotic atmosphere and was great for setting the scene.

This girl is ALMOST the hottest girl I’ve fucked so far in my life. Only the Argentinian was better because she had a more fertile body. Bigger breasts and wider hips. Probably because she wasn’t vegan (this girl was). Anyway, I had absolutely not expected this girl to have a body like that. Young, soft tan skin with bikini tan lines, long hair, big brown eyes, perky ass, firm tits and a lovely pussy. YTH in my bed. Hallelujah baby. I drowned myself in her body and she enjoyed me doing it. Before I was inside she already said “Oh fuck what are you doing to me?”. And that was just foreplay. I lasted long and the sex was nasty. Had her beg for permission to orgasm, made her tell me she loved my dick inside her and some more dirty talking. Her eyes rolled back a few times and when we were done she was silent. She had never been fucked to be silent before she said. Good things. We cuddled, talked some more with her sat on my lap and then I sent her home.

Main take away:
– start talking with conviction and look her in the eyes.
– a good stack works wonders
– being a player is getting more internalized. I’m past the point where I’m faking it, remembering lines and following a structure. I just talk and lead the conversation and spike when necessary. Girls can feel it. This is a good thing.

Girl 2 – Saturday evening. This was a very straight forward one. Dinner and party at work. Afterparty at my place with a couple of friends. Girl from work, 20 years old and Dutch, joins. She calls a friend of hers who also joins later on. 5/6 people at my place now. I had brought this girl to my place by bike, and jokingly implied we were going to have sex. She said if you say so. Her phone is empty and I tell her to charge it in the hallway. I check up on her and tell her that we’re fucking. She says okay. Dragged her to my bedroom and +1.

Yes it was that easy. Slightly chubby and a full head taller than me. Most guys still found her attractive but I am used to better. Still beat though. Loved her deepthroat skills.

Girl 3 – daygame lay #16. 21 y/o blonde Dutch girl. Slightly taller than me. Long hair. Skinny. Little posh.

It was my nephew’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and I was on my way back on the train. Asked if I could sit somewhere and sat next to two ladies. We got chatting and it got a little flirty, mostly with the eye contact. They had just left a party, one girl was still high off the X. I handed the blonde my phone with contact page open before I had to catch my station and she put in her number. I think she liked me because I was showing some good sides off myself: content with work, fun hobbies (gym and making music with friends), big arms (she touched the biceps lol) and a fun vibe.

I got her out a couple of days later on a Sunday and we went for a drink in the same place I took girl 1 to. Two drinks in the sun. She talked a lot but I didn’t mind. She was a little too posh for me and I think she grew up with very rich parents (they have a yacht and some horses). Eventually I lead her to my place. She jumped on the back of my bike and off we went.


At my place I offered some wine. We sat on the couch and I pulled her in. She pulled away. Ok so there was a little LMR. I did not react. Eventually she warmed to me and we got kissing. I undressed her and was met with the sight of surprisingly large breasts in a beautiful black and pink bra.

I sucked on those tits like my life depended on it and then told her to take off her pants. Her panties matched and she was soaking. “Why is that?” I asked teasingly. “Because you turn me on. It’s the beard and the muscles, they make me so fucking wet”. I grinned and kissed her. She was clearly not as experienced as me but she did know how to suck a dick. I put her over my lap and spanked her a couple of times to make her ass glowing red before entering her raw.

5 minutes in and we had to move from the couch to the shower because my dick made her bleed (she was tight and hadn’t had sex in a long time). I fucked her hard (“Do you always last this long?!”) came on her face and sent her home. Hope she comes again because I liked fucking her.

Girl 4 – daygame lay #17. Last week I got this girl to suck me off (which she did very well by the way) on the first date. I approached her a couple of weeks back after coming back from the gym on my bicycle. Same story with the texting as with girl #15 (showing cool stuff and being busy help a ton, it shows you have a fun life).

This girl is Dutch, 23 years old, a tiiiiny bit shorter than me. Brunette with short hair. Average body and a sweet girl. She came over straight to mine for drinks. We laid in bed but she was still undecided wether she should put out so fast because that was unusual for her. Usually she waits longer and is in a relationship before she has sex. I believed her. She also didn’t want to be my 6th girl of the week. I told her “nah, only 4th.” The crazy thing is, I wasn’t lying.

I busted fast (annoying) because her pussy was tight as fuck.

Think I was able to get this girl because 1) she hadn’t met someone through all the corona times (1.5 years now or around that time) so she was horny and open to meet a man. 2) I was showing her fun things of my life and was also very busy. I told her I’ll let you know when I have time. 3) I was pushy.

I have fucked girl 4 yesterday again and found out she is the sister of my sister’s gay best friend. This city really is small. Wtf. I hope they don’t find out and otherwise I don’t care either. It’ll be a laugh. Just want to set an example for my sister and keep the player side away from her. How I’m treating this girl isn’t exactly that.

Anyway, that’s that week wrapped up. I got maybe one or two leads in the backburner so we’ll see. I also want to fuck these girls again but I had an STD test today – I went raw in 3/4 girls, risky bizz I know- and the results come in two weeks. I got to keep them on the leash for a bit it seems. Let’s hope they don’t fall off. Otherwise I’ll have to find new girls. Fuck that I’m going to anyway.

I had one more girl on Friday, also from daygame, but she was socially retarded and I sent her home after twenty minutes on our date. 7 days, 5 dates, 4 lays. Can’t complain.


Dutch Outlaw

Luck was on my side with these girls. My vibe was good and the girls just fell in my lap. Usually this doesn’t happen and it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m good at daygame. I am better than before though, wayyyy better, but still a long way from where I want to be. To illustrate: I didn’t get a lay from daygame up until this week for over a year and in that time I only got a handful of dates with average girls. Nothing to brag about at all. And then all of a sudden the stars align and the universe rewards you for doing well in life. Persistence and improvement in your life are key.


Hey all, long time no post, I know.

Don’t care either tbh. I’m too busy with life and daygame is not on my mind that much. I see this as a good thing. Anyway, I figured I’d give a litte insight in what happened the past few months in my life regarding girls and other stuff because this is after all, the purpose of this blog.

Health and Fitness
The biggest thing the past months is that I’ve done a photoshoot, as I’ve said on my Twitter, which was awesome. I got super ripped, veins on my abs and everything. I actually enjoyed it so much that I’m now trying to set up my own coaching business for people looking to lose weight. Just as a side income thing. We’ll see how that goes. But yeah the photoshoot was great. Had to be very disciplined nutrition wise and I’ve been working out 5 times a week since March. This is obviously a great training schedule to have and it works well for me.
Since the photoshoot I’ve benched 107.5 kg, squatted 150 kg and deadlifted 170 kg. Not bad considering my weight of 73/74 kg and a height of 170 cm.

Since the photoshoot nutrition has really taken my interest and I have been reading some books on it. I try to eat a primal diet now most days, which basically means that you try to eat like your ancestors did. Think of raw meat, organ meats, loads of raw dairy, fruits, rye bread, chocolate, honey and natural saturated fats. I get my dairy from a local farm and sometimes meat too, though the latter is expensive. But, as we all know, quality matters when it comes to nutrition, so it’s something I’m willing to pay more for.

So, I’m still training hard and still watching my diet but fortunately the cringy cold showers are something of the past. I only do them occasionally whenever I feel like doing them and I also stopped with the Wim Hof Method breathing, though that might be something I’ll pick up on now that winter comes. I will still go in to the ice again because I liked it last winter. It made me feel calm and strong, but the cold showers just seem pointless. Yes they wake you up but it’s also quite an unpleasant start of the day and it doesn’t make me any more productive. I do them maybe twice a week now after starting with a hot shower and I feel no different so this is how I’ll continue with the cold exposure.

Work has been going great and I’ve never had a job that paid me this much money. It’s honestly insane. I work two days a week and get paid at least 1K per month. Can’t complain, right? Well…. It’s not all glitters and gold. I feel like I’m running out of motivation for the work itself because there is nothing more to achieve. I made a lot of promotions and carry quite some responsibility, which in the beginning was a position to strive for, but now that I have reached it I wonder what’s next?. I want a bigger challenge, a bigger team to lead but the company doesn’t offer that. I am very aware though that I shouldn’t leave this job without having something else going for me (again another reason to make more money). For now I’m on the lookout for something better and something that gives me more peace of mind. I hope to find that within a month or two because I really don’t see myself doing my current job for much longer.

I am also working another sales/consultancy job, just something small. I am learning a ton and building a network, which is valuable in and of itself, but it doesn’t pay my bills quite like the main job does. Maybe I can grow here?

This summer I’ve also been on holiday to Poland (hot girls, beautiful nature, cheap, less covid crap and nice people) with a mate. This was my fourth time in the country and again it was a blast. The girls were much more damaged though than I remember them to be and there was quite a bit of rainbow flag folks and pronoun people around. Not good. It seems not even Poland is safe from the cancer that is Western modernity.
Anyway, we hiked the Tatra mountains, including mount Giewont, Ciemniak, Swinica and the Rysy, Poland’s highest mountain. We also shot loads of guns, got drunk in Krakow, missed our flight and met someone who almost got us a job at Shell. That would have been pretty epic but we didn’t get through the application process.

Now let’s talk daygame and girls. This could actually be a post on its own but anyway.
I have done barely any daygame since moving from Amsterdam. Why? God knows. Covid played a role but me not giving a fuck and the city being too small for consistent weekly sessions played a bigger role I’m sure.
Of course I did (and do) the occasional approach, but these led nowhere. I had some dates, all with a bunch of retarded cunts. One with a feminist teacher, one with a Spanish exchange student, one with a beautiful Serbian/German expat and perhaps a couple more. There’s a number of reasons why these girls didn’t put out but it’s mostly down to me not being busy enough. This is also why I basically stopped trying so hard and now only approach when I feel the DNA tug. I focus more now on building a social network, making more money and building a foundation of my future. I feel like these areas are more important now than girls, plus if I don’t have them sorted I’ll never be able to get the quality of girl I want anyway.

Last week though things took a change. For the first time in my life I had three different girls in my bed within a week. Within 5 days actually.

Girl 1 – 22 and Dutch. Cycled home from work, she got out of a cab. Recognized her from wayyy back (elementary school) and called her name. We had a quick chat and she asked where I was going to. I told her I was going to sleep and asked Are you joining? She feigned offense but I could see my straight to the point approach turned her on. She said yes. A weak hour of LMR later she was bent over my knees in just her thong receiving a spanking, deepthroating my dick and telling me how much of a bad boy she thought I was. The bitch had the audacity to leave without letting me bust a nut. Whore. She has now requested to follow me on IG.

Girl 2 – tinder. 23 years old and Dutch. She wanted to cheat on her bf because he cheated on her. Nice body, wide hips and perky tits. Very pale with brown hair. Sweet. Shorter than me, but not a lot. Ate her out. Hadn’t done that in a while. Sex was good but I couldn’t keep hard the second round (tried to go right again after I came). This frustrated me but she didn’t seem to care. She has now asked me if she can come again.

Girl 3 – also tinder. Blonde, pale again. 21 years old and Dutch. Had three drinks, two venues. Need a QR code now to get in (wtf is going on in the world?!) if you are unvaxxed – which I obviously am- so that led us to a different venue but eventually we found one that let us in. Wanted to drink more so opted to go to mine (5 minutes by bike from city centre fuck yeah). My appartement impressed her, it usually does by the way because it’s super big. Wine for plausible deniability and then kissing and fucking. The sex was okay though she should shave her asshole next time. This girl was by far the best of the week, though girl number 1 was kinkier (also because that was late in the evening). Her personality was fun, she likes meat (not some crazy vegan finally!), stays in shape and is shorter than me. Talking to her just felt natural, it took very little effort. I also barely spiked. Just some small compliments and strong eye contact were enough.

And it doesn’t stop there. I still have some others in the pipeline. One from Tinder and another one from daygame who I already fucked multiple times (short skirt girl, approached her on the train). Maybe also one from online game and got two dates planned from daygame (one with a petite 18 year old blonde). If they follow through that would be my first daygame date in a long time, but we’ll see. I’m not that fussed if they don’t because I’m very busy these days with work, working out and studying.

That leads me to the final point of this post. I am going to be finished with my absolutely useless bachelor in February (FINALLY!). After that I’ll either go deeper in to the sales or more in to the personal training business. Who knows. Starting next week I’m also doing a marketing study for 5 months with two friends because why not. Can be useful for sales and CV later on.


Dutch Outlaw

Wim Hof Method

As the first crocus flowers sprout out of the ground and the sun rays warm my skin there’s no way around it anymore: no more ice baths in nature until winter. That means no more proper cold exposure for a long time, and that’s fine with me. I had a blast doing the ice baths but am also looking forward to spring and summer. For those of you who care for something else than daygame, in this post I’ll write down my experience with the Wim Hof Method.

Some background: I’ve been doing cold showers on and off since I was 17, and the past year I did them religiously every day. They were a boost and helped me to start my day fresh. They kept my skin tight and stopped me from feeling scruffy as well.

So for the past year I did coldshowers hardcore. I always instinctively knew that they were good for you but never knew why or knew how to do it properly. That’s why I took the Wim Hof Fundamental course. It’s a 10 week course consisting of a workbook and a follow along video for each week. I combined both, starting in April of last year.
You start the course with 10 seconds (or so) cold shower at the end of your warm shower and you finish it with being able to sit in a bath filled with ice cubes for 5-10 minutes. Pretty epic, if you ask me.

I had the time for the course because of corona, otherwise I don’t know if I’d be able to do it as strictly as I did it. It takes quite a bit of time if you do it all -around 1 hour per day.

For those of you who are unaware, the Wim Hof Method (WHM) combines three elements.
– cold exposure. Cold showers, barefoot walking outside, ice baths/ice swimming.
– breathing. By repetitively breathing in deeper than you breath out you increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, which makes your blood more alkaline. This in turn helps you generate energy more efficiently i.e. stay warm for a longer time.
– meditating. By fully committing you are learning to overcome challenges and set your mind to your goal. It’s only cold if you think it is.

These three elements combined make for a powerful mind and body, as I’ve experienced first hand.
The first few weeks of the course my retention time (holding your breath) was over 3 minutes! I was impressed. The time slowly decreased, but I learned to not focus on the seconds and more on the feeling you get when properly charged with oxygen.
My cold resistance increased as well. Especially in the week where you start with the 10 minutes. I thought it would be hard but as it turned out I was doing just fine and it even felt like warm water, despite the handle being turned on cold to the maximum.
The meditating also helped, though I didn’t delve in to this too deep. Wim has sessions where you go to find your “chakra” and all that, but I couldn’t be bothered. I was not here for the hippie bullshit.

Since a couple of weeks I have lowered the frequency and the intensity of my cold showers as I feel like I don’t need them anymore. I do them occasionally now, about 3 times per week. Each warm shower I take is also finished cold for 20-30 seconds and that is now enough for me.

Now here comes the part that shows I truly am capable of resisting the cold and mastering my body under stress…. It was up to -10 degrees Celsius here in Holland the past two weeks and I went in the ice water for up to 5 minutes at a time, each time being totally relaxed and calm, even after getting out (usually I would get cold here). I plan to push even further next winter by getting to 10-15 minutes, but for now I’m very satisfied and even proud of myself for achieving such things. I feel like a viking. Perhaps I’ll do the Mount Sniezka in Poland experience with Wim one day, it seems awesome to me.

Ok… You laid in ice for a bit, Dutch, cool…. Now how exactly did it help you?

Good question. I see a lot of talk about how cold showers make you instantly successful and “alpha” and how they raise your T levels etc.
Let me be honest, things like cold showers/not fapping/reading theory mean absolutely nothing if you don’t use the energy you get from them to actually be productive. Don’t see this as a panacea for your problems, it’s not.
WHM did help me though, in the sense that I improved my skin, got healthier, happier and built more discipline. I also feel calm and clear throughout days that I start with 3 rounds of the breathing and this helps me being less agitated and stressed.

Then, the most important thing, and also the easiest overlooked one, is that the WHM and the ice baths in the park tremendously improved my immune system. I haven’t felt this vigorous in ages and can’t even remember the last time I caught a cold or got a snuffy nose. I bet that if we all did even just a little bit of cold exposure combined with exercise, sunlight and a healthy diet the whole covid shite wouldn’t be around. But hey, not everyone is built like I am.

What also stood out to me is that the natural ice baths were easier and much more pleasant than the cold showers. I could fully relax in them and really focus on my breathing. Perhaps because you’re fully emerged and every surface area of your body (except head, of course) is equally submerged in the water opposed to the varying water beam from the shower.

By the way, the WHM has also helped me financially. I wear less clothes indoors and barely use the central heating system.

To conclude, the Russians do it, the Scandinavians do it, athletes do it, and now me. It’s good for your health, good for your mind and a fun challenge. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their immune system and cardiovascular system. That being said, I don’t think one needs to take an actual WHM course to improve their immune system, especially not if you’re already fit and strong and know your body well. For these people, which I’m assuming most of my readers are, gradually increasing your cold showers combined with the breathing exercises should be enough to see the benefits.

And if this doesn’t convince you, maybe the Asians will. I had a couple of them come to me when I was in the water to “take pictjaa” of me and applaud me. Pretty funny.


Dutch Outlaw

Update #2

Here’s another little update for you guys.

As my avid readers know, I’ve been moving in to yet a new place this month. I’ve settled now, so that’s good. The final bits, such as painting the window frames and arranging the furniture, are falling now in to place, but apart from that it’s all done. The place is a proper palace and really no early 20 guy should be living in it. Big windows, high ceiling, prime location, lots of space, cozy, clean. I’m one lucky boy.

My roommate is also my best mate, and to be fair it was a bit of a gamble to move in with him as we have our differences. I was reticent, but simultaneously knew that I should just take the leap and not overthink such minor issues. To make it work we must both give and take a little, which is of course fine. He handles my guitar playing, I handle his clumsiness and inexperience in living on his own (it’s his first time moving out). All is well.

I’ve found a job too. It’s outdoors, requires a lot of walking and pays very well. It’s in sales. Not surprisingly I’m doing pretty damn good. Probably because I’m used to taking many ‘no’s’ due to all the daygaming. Only three weeks in and I’ve already been promoted to captain. I won’t lie, that feels good. Very good. It comes with more responsibility too, but aye, I’ll handle that. More money in the bank makes for a happy me. Maybe I’m also doing good because of the beginner high, who knows. I hope that’s not the case.
I’ve chosen this job specifically for two reasons. A) money. It pays well. B) outdoors + physically active.
I had the choice to do another job, but that was seated and indoors, which are two things I’d rather not be doing if I don’t have to. The choice was obvious for me.

Workouts have been fine. My knee injury is almost gone so I can slowly start running again. I probably won’t, but I will do other exercises that require more stress on my knees. If I slowly build it up, that should be fine.
Unfortunately I’m still around 15% bodyfat, mostly due to a poor diet. Not poor poor. I’m still eating healthy, don’t get me wrong. However, my roommate and I have ordered take out a few times. For him this is fine because he runs often, for me it’s not because I gain fat very easily and don’t do much endurance.
This made me realize that if I really want to get to 10% bodyfat I need to start tracking calories and skip the crap food for a considerate amount of time. If that’s what it takes, so be it. Don’t really mind anyway, I love healthy food.

There’s not much news on the daygame front from me, though this city that I’m in is pussy paradise. It’s crammed with YHT pussy. Each time I return home I do so with a hard on that I got from cycling around and looking at all the girls. Occasionally I do a set but it’s still going rough. I’m not doing actual sessions yet, both due to lockdown, not being in the mood and not really caring anymore about daygame.
Tinder is shit, yes, so that makes daygame the only option, but with the current conditions I’m not able to get a decent return (pussy) on my investment (time on streets) and I’m better off building my value with a few sets than putting hours in to daygame. If the streets open again, I’ll do more, though still low numbers. I want to sniper more and spray less, so to speak.
Plus, since this city is rather small I prefer to not spam the town and become known as that approach freak. Better to do the occasional approach here and there. We’ll see. I’m not that fussed about not being able to daygame, though I am very fussed about not getting laid. My balls are bursting. Literally. Wet dreams almost every other two days now. Fucking hell.

I did have a date though today. Opened her 6 weeks ago in Amsterdam. Turkish. Cuter than I remembered but nothing special. The girl has issues and we’re totally not compatible. She likes modern art because “of the feelings”, represses her desire for men with mustaches because her father had one (so that makes it wrong apparently. ok then?) and wants to be exclusive fuckbuddies but not be in a relationship. I told her okay, but I’ll still pursue other leads all the same. Does that make me an asshole? Yes, I guess it does. Maybe it’s better to be honest with her.

She also mentioned how she got approached often in Amsterdam but that I was the only one she gave her number to. I’m not surprised because a friend showed me a daygame groupchat with over 60 dudes in it who apparently daygame in Amsterdam. I took a quick look at them and decided to not enter the group. Physiognomy is real and most of them seemed to be losers. Not all, but I couldn’t be arsed to be in such a chat.

Anything else to say? Hmmm well. Uni is a joke. You already knew that. I’m still figuring out what I’ll do after my bachelor, but I’m getting closer. I wrote down my 20 year, 10 year, 5 year, 3 year and 1 year goals, so now I have something to work towards.

I’ve been doing plenty of other things too, but I’m tired and don’t feel like writing anymore. You’ll hear from me once I have something worth writing about.


Dutch Outlaw

2021 goals

Below is a list of what I want to achieve and do in 2021. I have a job, I have a house, I have an internet connection. I will be fine. There is no reason for me to not crush this list other than my own ineptitude.

Here goes….

  1. Get $20K to my name. I will do this by
    -working more hours & level up at job so I can get paid more per hour + bonuses [Already started.]
    -starting & monetizing a side-hustle [Already started.]
    -investing in stocks [Already doing this, want more of it. Also looking to get in to crypto. Will read two books/guides on crypto.]
    -flipping products [Bought a course on this.]
  2. Get in the best shape possible. I’m currently at 14% (guessing) body fat. I will get down to 10% and keep it that way. My two conditions are A) it must be done injury free and B) in a healthy way. I allow myself to go up to 12% if 10% is having a negative effect on my life (cold/libido). I will focus on meditation, stretching, endurance and strength.
    Specific goals are:
    -5 muscle ups [currently 3]
    -3 handstand pushups [currently 1]
    -5 x 32kg pistol squat each leg [currently 2]
    -5 sec. front lever [currently 2 sec.]
    -cold exposure (cold showers + winter swimming)
    -1 hour of endurance (low rest workouts/boxing. Avoid jumper’s knee.)
    This will be done with 4 workouts per week.
    I will check my body fat percentage every 2 weeks and count calories if necessary.
  3. Do a photo shoot of my body when in peak shape. Both sexual/bdsm and physique style. Will be nice to capture myself throughout the years and I’ve always wanted to do a cool photo shoot. I will do this in summer.
  4. Build social life + network of valuable people.
  5. Build something that pays me money passively. See goal 1.
  6. (Day)game when possible. Stick to LDM. No grotty lays. Quality quality quality.
  7. Improve social circle/party game.
  8. Read 20 books. I’ll finish last year’s list and add books on nutrition and fitness.
  9. Write and produce a guitar song.
  10. Start training for black belt in judo.
  11. Travel to at least one new country. Thinking of Ukraine or Russia.
  12. Go on a trip in to nature (hiking/camping).
  13. Get a job when my bachelor’s is finished (July 2021). I want something that pays well, allows me to be physically active (no sedentary office drone) and teaches me new skills. Thinking of becoming a woodworking or real estate agent apprentice. I will figure out what I like to do/what matches these criteria by joining different jobs for a day and looking around to see if I like it.
  14. Learn a skill that I can monetize. Separate of goal 1.
  15. Buy new clothes.

All are of course influenced by the fucking China virus. For example, I might very well not be allowed to travel or start judo. If that is the case, so be it. Outside of my control.


Dutch Outlaw

2020 Review

2020 has been a strange year for many of us. For me it was a year of self reflection, loneliness, health, and an increased understanding of wealth. In this post analyze the year according to the goals I wrote down last year.

Sexy Girl in Bikini Holding Volleyball at Beach Photo Art Print Cool Huge  Large Giant Poster Art 54x36 - Poster Foundry
Yeah I wish.

To start, the past twelve months have been both a blessing and a curse. The gain in time due to everything being online and locked down has led me to spend more time on things I enjoy doing such as playing and practicing guitar and reading as well as on things that improve my life like walking, working out and cooking. These things are very fulfilling to me and I enjoy them a lot.
Another thing I’ve been doing is practicing self-restraint, discipline and gratitude through diet, exercise and meditation. This went hand in hand with quitting porn and it’s worked well.
However, all social life has been cut off and since I moved to a Amsterdam in September and was living in a tiny city before that, I’ve been feeling very lonely at times.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am fine by myself. I love being alone. But I also love being around people. I need both to be in balance to have a good life. Now that I was explicitly aiming to improve my social life and be more open and all the options for that were cut off, yeah that sucked.
To be honest, I am massively frustrated about the lockdown and the shit politicians failing to figure out a decent policy. I feel like a year of my youth has been stolen. And for what? For pretentiously acting like “we’re in it together”? Fuck off. I’d rather die than live the rest of my life with crippled fear for something that takes out only those who are old and/or weak. A 99.98% survival rate does not legitimize the current policy. Not by a mile. Death is part of life and I will not restrict myself because people live unhealthy and weaken themselves. Fuck you you low T sissy. I exercise, watch my food, swim in freezing lakes and spend time in the sun. You stuff your face with junk, never move and jerk your energy away. And I’m supposed to inhibit my life for people like you? No. I don’t think I will.
Life is full of opportunities, yet I’m not allowed or able to take them at the moment. I wanted to travel, chase girls, socialize, make friends, explore Amsterdam, eat out, party, get a real education and have fun (not the “get wasted” type of fun but the doing things that are meaningful to you fun). If I could trade in all the gains I made on myself in self improvement for 2020 to have been normal I would in the blink of an eye. I’d have improved myself AND have lived a fun life instead of just living from day to day, boring lecture to boring lecture on my laptop (by incompetent left wing boomers), locked up in my room. Christ I hate corona. Rant over.

Anyway, since I started this blog as a daygame blog I’ll first go over my attempts of getting the chicks. The wet punanis. The skirt. The lovely ladies on the sidewalk. Hmmmm. The thought of them already gets me hard. Sadly it doesn’t really get any further than the thought of them. Yes, brace yourselves guys, this year I didn’t get a single lay from daygame AND NOT EVEN A SINGLE DATE! Ouch, it hurts to write that.

These appalling results are due to 1) covid scaring the girls to come out on the streets, 2) covid scaring the girls to come out on dates, 3) date venues being closed, 4) me opening in a shit way and not really following the LDM anymore, 5) me using masks as an excuse to not approach, 6) bad luck/logistics, 7) me having bad vibe and thus scaring the girls away or not getting them attracted.

Last year I wrote the following:

‘ Points to keep working on are;
– sets in Dutch.
– get to know girls in set and then decide if you actually want to date them. A pretty face won’t cut it anymore.
– sexualize my sets.
– date game (conversation and storytelling mainly. Avoid discussions but still hold frame, less 4th walling and less overt statements.)’

I would love to say I practiced and improved, but honestly I barely did. I did daygame so sporadically this year that there was really little benefit. Atrophy of my “seduction muscle”, if anything.
Also, I grew my hair for the first 8 months this year and I’m pretty sure it put many girls off. If I look back at the pictures now I even put myself off. Don’t know what I was thinking. I’ve cut it now though and look so much better. I look like Yuri Boyka now, minus the tatts.

Scott Adkins Workout Routine and Diet: Train like Yuri Boyka | Scott  adkins, Workout routine, Workout at work
And a bit more fat.

Statistics 2019

ApproachNumber/contact detailsDatesD2D3IdatesKiss closeNear missLaySDLAverage age (estimate)Average hotness
Approach to numberApproach to layNumber to layDate to layNumber to date

Statistics 2020

ApproachNumber/contact detailsDatesD2D3IdatesKiss closeNear missLaySDLAverage age (estimate)Average hotness
140 (approx.)3100010000xx
Approach to numberApproach to layNumber to layDate to layNumber to date

As the numbers show, daygame was no luck this year. Far from it, actually. It wasn’t a full celibate year though as I did have sex a couple of times. All were from online and of course all but two were shit. To any of you who’ve spent any time with a girl from online dating, this shouldn’t be a surprise. The vast majority of the online fodder is overweight girls who can’t fuck, have fucked too much or are simply unpalatable to any men with some self respect.
These girls didn’t affect me in the slightest. They were there to make me cum and suck my dick. Nothing more nothing less.
It was also quite nice to have some time off from chasing girls. I felt a relief of not feeling the guilt of having to do sets, which was still sometimes coming around to nag my thoughts. This of course does not make up for the lack of pussy in the slightest.
And not that pussy is life – certainly not. Any man telling you it is is an empty shell and hasn’t lived. That being said, getting some every now and then helps a man stay sane. Picking up a girl successfully (P in the V) also boosts your confidence which spills over to other areas of life.

So to conclude this section: girls and 2020? No success.

Fortunately I have more in my life than chasing girls. Many of these things went much much better (not that hard given how the daygame went but whatever). I achieved many of my goals and my life significantly improved in many areas.

Here’s last year’s list.

minimum of 3 workouts per week, of which one has to be cardio/endurance based. YES. This went very well. From the second half of the year I even increased the frequency to four times per week. I didn’t do so much specific cardio training, except for rope skipping and running. Now I’m faced with an injury (jumper’s knee) so will have to work around that. I can still do endurance by decreasing rest time in between sets and doing more reps. Goal achieved.
get leaner/lose fat and get a bigger chest. YES. I didn’t measure but the mirror doesn’t lie. If I had to guess I’d say I dropped from 19% bodyfat in March to 15% in August. Then slacked and went up to 17%. Now I’m at 14%, with increased muscle mass, including my chest, and also an increase in strength (measured in max reps and average reps per workout). I didn’t weigh myself because I don’t care about weight: I care about how my body feels, longevity and how my body looks. I’ve been training for long so I know what works and what doesn’t. But, if I want to go even lower in bodyfat then I might need to start weighing myself and counting calories. Not sure about that, yet.
Besides the physical improvements I also massively improved my diet. I definitely crushed this goal. I feel healthy, look healthy and, most importantly, I am healthy. Very happy about that. My current physical state is maintainable, however, I want to go even lower in bodyfat. Aiming for 10/11%. I also want to learn more about nutrition and science behind working out. Goal achieved.
get in to a regular sleeping schedule. Yes, even when uni starts only at 4 pm. NO, not yet. Improved yes, but still not regular. Goal not achieved.
take the 10 week Wim Hof course and continue with cold showers every morning. YES. Finished Wim Hof course. Was very interesting. Frustrating at times because my retention time steadily became shorter and the effects of the breathing wore off the more I did it. I did improve my cold resistance though. Now I even go to swim in lakes when it’s around freezing temperatures and have stopped using central heating all together. I want to improve this even more and get less cold after exiting the water, perhaps with more horse stance and breath work. Will see. Plan to incorporate the cold in to my life in 2021 though not as radical as this year. Goal achieved.
decrease spending, increase income. Also keep an overview of my finances. YES. Kept monthly overview which helped me become more aware of my spending. Made a strategy for my 20, 10, 5 and 1 year goals. More money in (job), but also more money out (higher rent). More on this in 2021 post. Goal achieved.
get a side-job. YES. Need no explanation.
start saving. YES. Need no explanation.
invest money in something. Stocks? YES. With the help of a mentor I invested 1000$ in stocks (Shell, VanGuard Index Fund, DSM and BASF). Made 10% profit in 4 months. Now re-investing that. It’s still baby league money but you got to start somewhere, right? In hindsight I could very well have used this money to invest in myself by buying courses or better clothing. Will do more of that combined with stocks in 2021. Goal achieved.
study a semester abroad with the EU Erasmus program. NO (Covid). Got accepted to study in Warsaw but all exchanges got cancelled.
actively meet more people and make new friends. NO (Covid) Be more socially open. YES. Moved to Amsterdam for the girls and the people. Met neither. Was really looking forward to it but covid stopped this despite my best efforts.
keep being a good brother and son. YES. I had a positive influence on my family this year. They started working out, taking cold showers and being more money conscious. I also call them, set up activities together and take initiative for family events. Goal achieved.
spend less time behind a screen. NO. Study online meant way more time behind a screen. Goal not achieved.
continue daily guitar playing. YES. Bought a course to work on technique. Crazy what you can achieve in a year of consistency and deliberate practice. Writing my own riffs now. Goal achieved.
continue playing poker every once in a while.YES. Every once in a while with friends.
form my own worldview and understanding of the financial market by reading 5 books on politics and 5 on economics. Recommendations are welcome. Next year I’ll read more literary classics. NO. Didn’t read enough. Only read 2/10 books. Did read many more books but not of the politics/economics kind. I read Thomas Sowell and Socrates (through Plato). I did form my own worldview though and definitely understand the world better, mostly due to educational videos on YouTube and Twitter. Goal not achieved.
– Now this wasn’t a goal, but I removed porn and masturbation from my life and it has has improved my life tremendously. More focus, more discipline, more energy, hornier (didn’t think it possible) and better sex. What turns me on changed too and I care more about quality over quantity now. Not just in girls. You can read about it here.

In another post I’ll write my goals and plans for 2021.

Enjoy the holidays,

Dutch Outlaw

+1 Bumble whore

This girl I met through Bumble just left and let me tell you…. it was fucking horrible.

My profile clearly indicates I’m dominant and on there for sex, yet when we got down to business she wouldn’t follow suit when I told her to get on her knees (or any order for that matter), she wanted to control the depth of the blowjob and she didn’t like doggy. (who tf doesn’t like doggy?!)

We had a bit of a stand of where I straight up told her that I make the rules. She said ‘look I’m not letting you order me around. I don’t like to follow orders”.


I then made a big mistake. I gave in and still fucked her even though I wasn’t feeling it at all. Will never do that again. As expected I regretted it right away and it was not enjoyable at all. Kept thinking to myself when is this unfeminine, unsubmissive bitch going to leave. It was all so negotiated. Can’t do this, can’t do that. Bitch what do you expect when you see my profile?!

My bio is a cheeky pun about hair pulling. She opened me with “so I’m assuming you got the hair pulling down”. AND THEN WHEN WE MEET SHE SAYS SHE ISN’T SUBMISSIVE.

Woman wtf. Piss off will you.

This girl had nothing interesting to say, was fatter than her pics, couldn’t suck dick for shit and was annoying company. Her ass was big though but since she didn’t like doggy I couldn’t enjoy that either. In behavior, personality, way of talking and attitude she reminded me very much of my ex: an empty shell with issues. Sad, really.

After I nutted in her mouth (‘but don’t get any on my face’) we had a little talk about why she doesn’t like submission and she said she is a control freak. She doesn’t like giving others control of her body when she doesn’t have any. This makes sense, to me, a dominant.
What doesn’t make sense though is that she specifically opened me with a comment about hair pulling and then isn’t in to rough, male dom/female sub stuff.

In all honesty I should’ve just kicked her out the door at the stand off. Peace > nuisance. Lesson learned. Will never go through with it with a girl when I’m not feeling the vibe. My time is more valuable than that.

Will screen even harder now on dating apps. Once again reminded why daygame will always be king.
And as I’m typing this a sweet, skinny, white, graceful Ukrainian girl I opened in Budapest last year texts me about her day. She cooked, read about how to breed tropical flowers because apparently that’s her passion and about how she made a sketch for the drawing she’s about to paint on her wall. I told her about my day. She said cool. I said “I am cool”. She said “I know!”. Don’t know if I’ll fuck her but that’s not the point. The point is that I’d rather spend a week with that girl talking and enjoying her company than one shitty ass evening with the empty brainless vagina that just left my place. And not that I have anything against sluts or something. It’s the lack of femininity that comes with it that I despise.

By the way, there were some clear signs that told me she would have issues. She had lived in many countries throughout her youth and also saw uni as a way of hooking up and new experiences rather than a place to acquire knowledge and skills.


Dutch Outlaw

It’s the little things in life

‘Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.’ – Ferris Bueller

It is exactly that which these corona times have achieved for me: I feel everything much stronger and appreciate life ten times more. Allow me to illustrate.

Snow in Amsterdam | Wonderful places, Beautiful places, Netherlands
No snow yet

It’s a Monday afternoon in December. The days are getting colder, people are dressing warmer and slowly but surely a web of Christmas decorations falls over the city that I now call my home.
I’m on my bicycle on the way to the Lidl to buy my weekly portion of vegetables, cacao, red meat and eggs. Cycling back I feel the fresh cold air blow against my skin as the last sun rays slowly fade. A wave of gratefulness and happiness to be alive hits me. It puts a smile on my face.
So does taking my time for cooking my meals, often barefooted and with no music to fog my brain. It’s just me and the sounds of my knife cutting through an onion, the crisps of tuna, brown and green beans baking in the pan or my 80% pure chocolate giving that distinct, snappy sound it makes when you break it.

The next day I wake up early, put on my black asics and jump on my bike. Not to the Lidl this time. No, I’m going to the workout rack in the Sarphati park. It’s early but there’s already many people training. Some dude does push ups -or rather ground humps- with terrible form, a guy is doing box training on the basketball field and an elderly lady is doing hanging knee raises. I feel inspired and motivated to go hard. If she can do it at such an age, so can I right? And so I do. Pull ups and dips until my arms give in. I’m sure you know the feeling.
It feels as if I’ve died, yet these are the times where I feel most alive. When I’m pushing myself, that’s when I feel at peace.
My rest time is used for sipping water, catching my breath and enjoying my surroundings. The leaves have already left their owners and now cover most of the training grounds. Next to the training ground is a field of grass where dogs come to play. Sprinting after a ball, smelling each other, sizing each other up and chasing each other all whilst their in saliva covered tongues hang out their mouths and try to keep up with their nose. The dogs are having the time of their life and remind me of mine when he was still alive. I miss him, but aye that’s part of life. I turn my mind back to working out and finish sweaty and satisfied.

This feeling of satisfaction and contentment has happened to my impression of girls too. As I cycle back I observe the city and its people, especially the lovely ladies walking along the pavements of Amsterdam. I love their eyes, their smiles, their long hair, their warmth, their skirts, dresses, legs and hips, their giggles and looking down, their lip bites, hair sways and smiles. Jesus christ it’s awesome. Seeing that is very pleasant, and not just to my cock -it resonates with my heart too. The Dutch girls have a very distinct face and I can spot them from miles away. The same goes for the Eastern Europeans, but that’s nothing new. I love ’em both.

I could go on for hours. Being with my family, laughing with friends, reading books, playing guitar, taking a shower, sleeping, even studying. It all feels fantastic.

It’s a strange time, this lock down. But for me it has brought me peace of mind. Or I did it myself and the lockdown accelerated it, I don’t know. Either way, it’s good to appreciate life.


Dutch Outlaw